Bronchiolitis obliterans

Popcorn long
Bronchiolitis obliterans after exposure to butter flavouring in the production of popcorn

tulip finger

Contact dermatitis
Contact eczema after contact with plants or flowers, such as tulips finger

Blackberry duim

Blackberry thumb
New devices bring new risks. So pain in the hand can turn into a Blackberry thumb.


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SIGNAAL is the acronym for Signalering Nieuwe Arbeidsgerelateerde Aandoeningen Loket (Signaling New Occupational Diseases Counter)

SIGNAAL is a new online service where suspicions about new relations between health and work can be reported and reviewed by a panel of occupational specialists: in the Netherlands the Occupational Health Specialists of the Dutch Centre for Occupational Diseases (NCOD) and in Belgium to Occupational Health Experts of the Centre for Environment and Health from KULeuven and the External Service for Prevention and Protection IDEWE.